Friday, July 15, 2016

Preparation Time

In preparation for the Australian U/15 World Cup Baseball trip - and on the back of a family vacation - Liam headed down to Broward College in Florida with us to look at the set up for his brother James who starts there in August 2016.

Without regular baseball conditions, we needed to make do with whatever options we could. The family vacation had to bend it in! Quite incredibly, the family trip provided some intriguing venues for practice.

The 30+ degree conditions are certainly mirroring the Japanese conditions, which is excellent.

The tunnels at Broward College, Florida, USA were excellent. A long hitting session and a bullpen.

Then we threw at Fort Lauderdale on the beach - early morning and at sunset. A wonderful 33 degrees and an Atlantic Ocean which was extremely warm and inviting.

In addition, Liam did two sessions in New York City's Central Park at the softball/ baseball fields there... such a great venue. Very casual outfielders mind you, but an extraordinary set up in the late afternoon heat.

The U15 Australian World Cup team is listed below with a little more detail. Liam takes hold of the Number 4 jersey!

And at Yankees Stadium..

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